Stereo hook up issue. Everything works, but the sound quality is not uniform across speakers.?

I just moved into a home that had a Bose speaker system installed. I hooked up my Onkyo receiver to it and the sound just isn't the same as it was at our previous home. Instead of sounding like I was in a movie theater, it sounds like all the speakers are on one-track feed instead of a 5 speaker surround sound set up. I've tried changing the sound output on the receiver, "pro-logic", "all channel", etc, but it doesn't make much of a difference. The only thing that I have changed from my previous set up is the swapping of Mirage speakers/subwoffer for Bose Accoustmass 6 system.. I'm have the problem whether I am watching a tv or dvd. Any help you can give would be much appreciated. Thanks

The speakers just produce sound from the signal given it. To get 5.1 surround. Your dvd player has to be hooked up to the receiver with an optical or coaxial cable. (hdmi cable if your using a blu-ray) The movie has to be set for dolby-digital 5.1 or dts 5.1 Set your receiver to DVD, Toggle through the dolby-digital or dts settings till you find the one you like. Your receiver should give you some indication that it's in surround sound mode. (My sony receiver has a blue light that comes on when it's in surround sound) Hope this helps